Biewer Yorkshire

The Biewer Yorkshire is a small dog, the smallest of the terrier family. It shares all its physical characteristics with the terrier, except for the color of its coat. Like him, he is of well-proportioned and harmonious construction.

History of the breed

The Biewer Yorkshire breed is a breed of Yorkshire Terrier that is distinguished from the Yorkshire Terrier by the color of its coat. It was created from a selection work made by Mr. and Mrs. Biewer (hence its name), a couple of German breeders who, since the mid-1980s, had tried to preserve a line of Yorkshire Terriers with a tricolor coat and white markings. Because of their color, Mr. Biewer’s dogs were not allowed to be shown in 1988.

Despite this, breeders have continued to develop this variety which has not yet been recognized as a pure breed by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and the Société Centrale Canine (SCC), but recognized by the United Kennel Club in the United States (UKC). However, this situation is about to change, as efforts are continuing in this direction. The Biewer Yorkshire is quite rare in France, where a club dedicated to the breed has been founded.

Physical characteristics

Its hair: long, hanging straight on both sides of the body, with a stripe in the middle of the back.
His color: tricolor white blue and gold or white black and gold (the gold is on the head, but not the body). White under the belly, the chest and the limbs.
Its head: small, flat, never round or strong. The muzzle is short, the nose of a very pronounced black.
Ears : small, inverted V, straight, with short hair.
His eyes : dark, of medium size, showing an expression of intelligence.
Its body : compact. The back is straight, the loin supported and the ribs slightly curved.
His tail : covered with abundant hair, carried slightly above the line of the back.


The Yorkshire Biewer must be trained early and firmly. Otherwise, he can be quite headstrong and take advantage of his adorable appearance to get everything he wants. He should also be socialized as early as possible.

Living conditions

The Biewer Yorkshire is definitely an indoor dog. The lack of undercoat on this dog means that it is not effectively protected from the cold and bad weather. He prefers to live in the warmth of the home, close to his master and his family, but never shies away from having fun outside whenever he has the opportunity. They can adapt to any lifestyle as long as they are sheltered from the rigors of the weather and receive the appropriate care.


The Yorkshire Biewer is predisposed to certain diseases, especially those related to its small size: its kneecaps and cervical vertebrae remain fragile, its joints sensitive and its dentition exposed to the risk of tartar accumulation.

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